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A Brief History of the Company

GAMPRODUCTS, INC. was founded in 1975 as the Great American Market. One of its first products was the off-the-shelf stainless steel gobo, The Great American Pattern; soon followed by the first portable modular projection system, the Great American Scene Machine. GAM was a pioneer in the early days of the concert rock 'n roll era creating special effects for just about every major concert artist, as well as for opera, television and film productions. The Great American Pattern, introduced as an off-the-shelf projection device became a basic tool for every lighting designer, from high school to Broadway, from the television networks to the smallest TV station.

The founders of GAMPRODUCTS created the original deep-dyed polyester color filter now known as GAMCOLOR. Deep-dyed polyester color filters obsoleted and replaced the then predominant acetates and gelatin based color filters. Deep-dyed polyester filters today are the standard of the industry and GAMCOLOR still provides that original and unique line of brilliant, bright and vibrant, clear colors.

GAM introduced the first rolling color changer in 1981. In 1983 GAM introduced BlackWrap, the technical, emmy award winning black coated aluminum foil for film, television and theatre production. It is the industry standard for blocking unwanted light leakage and a winner at the 2004 Emmy Awards. BlackWrap has become an essential item for every film production unit and lighting technician. 

As a pioneer in the area of projection, GAM introduced a series of unique products - TwinSpin, the first double pattern rotator that dropped into the iris slot of an ellipsoidal spotlight in 1992; Film/FX, the first drop-in continuous film loop effects device in 2000; and the new SX4 in 2002. These products extend the possibilities of creative projected effects making them economically viable in many applications. GAMPRODUCTS offers a large family of lighting products manufactured for the motion picture industry including the StikUp Light, CineFilters, WindowGrip and BlackWrap - innovative patented production tools for the film and television production facility.

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